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Effortless Beauty:
Photography as an Expression of
Eye, Mind and Heart

With Effortless Beauty, Julie DuBose brings a new perspective to photography. She talks in an intimate way not just about how we express our experience with our camera, but about a whole new and fresh way to experience our visual world altogether.

Gold Medal Award Winner 2014,
Art/Photography, Nautilus Book Awards

‘As an artist who works in other mediums I found her description of the creative process to be deeply familiar and restorative. For a photographer this book offers a unique voice and fresh eye. It also speaks beautifully to anyone as a treatise on how to live!’

Barbara Bash, calligrapher, illustrator, author and performance artist.

‘I've given this book to several friends and recommended it to others. It's a wonderful, gentle guide to see, to feel, to stop and to notice—all skills we are sorely lacking in our frenzied, turbulent world. I am very grateful to Julie for this beautiful book and her skilled guidance.’

Margaret Wheatley, Author of 'Leadership and the New Science'.

‘This has to be the best discussion of what it "feels like" to perceive directly, how to access it, why we would care, and how this will revolutionize our love and practice of photography in the process. The author has packed an amazing amount of hard earned wisdom into this book that is really not available in any other location to this degree.’

Scott Jones, Director, Camerawork Gallery, Portland Oregon

Julie DuBose is a practitioner and principal teacher of Miksang Contemplative Photography. Julie is co-founder of The Miksang Institute for Contemplative Photography in Boulder, Colorado and Miksang Publications.




First Edition 8.5 x 11, 246 pages, 200 photographs.
ISBN 978-0-9859774-0-5. $29.95,
Publication March, 2013

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Graceful Appearance by Michael Wood

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